The refrigerator is a staple electrical appliance in all homes. Everyone needs and loves food. The fridge is the place that stores and ensures freshness in most of your food items. Without it, we will all be throwing away food and wasting the money spent to purchase such items. Beyond this, you may be desiring a fridge that looks aesthetically pleasing and provides the required space for you and your household.

Let’s face it families need a larger fridge than a person living in a single bedroom apartment. Additionally, everyone is stumbling around for the right configurations and latest features a fridge can provide. To make life easier for you, I have listed a few types of refrigerators to help you figure out which one is best suited for you.

Classic French Doors

Refrigerators with French doors provide a modern look and feel to your kitchen. Usually this style contains drawer-style freezers, some compartments may include French doors as well. If you are looking for energy efficiency at your house, this is the best option for you. Moreover, the wide area of space provided makes it the perfect choice for families and also provides a way to store larger food items and party platters.

This fridge (similar to many others) comes equipped with an ice dispenser that could sometimes be a bit of an inconvenience due to lack of storage. If you have run into any problems with your water or ice dispensers you can call now for Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs. They’ll have your ice and water running out of your refrigerator sooner than you know it!


In a visual point of view, this fridge looks similar to the above. The only difference is the lack of a bottom-freezer. However, the freezer is a vertical compartment and the fridge as a whole provides a lot more storage space compared to other refrigerators in the market. This is more suitable for smaller houses and apartments or even large houses with small kitchens. It also needs a lesser amount of space on either side of the fridge for the door openings. In addition, it comes with a water and ice dispenser which will surely be appreciated by its future owners.

Top Freezer vs Bottom Freezer

The top freezer fridges are considered to be one of the more traditional styles. It contains a tiny freezer on top and a bigger one at the bottom. If you are looking to stay within a budget and cut some costs, this is the ideal option for you. For instance, top freezers are generally priced between $500 & $800.

On the other hand, the bottom freezer features a cold compartment at the bottom, which provides access in a pull-out drawer mode. It is known for allowing more convenience in organizing and helps you access a food item easier, without causing a strain to your muscles. Moreover, it has more space inside compared to the top freezer. However, the average cost of a bottom freezer is around $1000 to $2000 US dollars.

Figure out which refrigerator suits your needs and style best and enjoy the food inside it later.