Spending time outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air and you can start doing this more as the weather warms up. You can entertain guests outdoors by incorporating stylish lounges and cosy nooks in your outdoor space.

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Online stores for outdoor furniture such as Outdoor Living Direct to get an idea of what you can include in your outdoor space. You can create a cosy area for conversation by having seating in a circular or semi-circular arrangement. The centre or the focal point can be a coffee table or a fire pit. Some comfortable seating options you can look for are plush armchairs, deep seated sofas and oversized floor cushions. You can also add accent pillows, throw blankets and outdoor rugs to improve the warmth and comfort of the space. This can be a great set up for socialising and intimate conversations.       You can also look into a bohemian inspired lounge area with eclectic textures, patterns and colours. You can mix and match seating options like colourful floor cushions and rattan chairs. This can have a relaxed ambience and you can add decorative elements like string lights and wall hangings to enhance it.

Another scene you can create is a tropical oasis

And you can choose sleek seating options like teak benches, rattan lounges or hammocks. You can add tropical prints and vibrant cushions. Natural elements should be incorporated into this space such as bamboo screens to zone seating areas or to create privacy from the street, palm trees and tropical foliage. This will transport you to a tropical paradise and you can feel like you are on vacation. Some finishing touches that can be added to this space are a bar to create refreshing cocktails, straw hats, beach towels etc. If you have an outdoor pool, this can elevate the scene more. And you can cool off in the afternoon sun by splashing in the pool. A rustic theme can be explored with natural materials like wood, wicker and stone. Some of the seating options you can look for are log stool, wooden benches and Adirondack chairs. You can have them arranged around a rustic coffee table or a fire pit. There can be faux fur rugs and soft throw blankets.

A minimal lounge area can be created with neutral colours and streamlined furniture.

Some of the minimal seating options you can select are low profile lounge chairs, modular sofas and sleek metal benches. Look for furniture that will not overwhelm the space. The colour palette can be kept simple with shades of black, white and grey. Accent pillows or throw blankets can be used to add pops of colour. You can also add sculptural lighting fixtures and geometric planters. These elements can create visual interest. You can also have a sophisticated garden party by creating an elegant lounge area with vintage inspired loveseats, wrought iron chairs and upholstered benches. You can have floral cushions with delicate lace decorations. A romantic ambience can be created using soft lighting from lanterns, string lights and candles.