A champagne tower is an element of luxury and elegance and it will be a stunning display for your wedding. You have to carefully plan and execute this so that the final result is captivating.

You have to choose the right glassware for your wedding champagne tower. Traditional coupe glasses are generally chosen for this as they have wide shallow bowls. And this will allow the champagne to flow smoothly from one glass to the other. Flutes can be challenging to use as they have narrow openings and this can hinder the flow and stability of the whole thing. All glasses used should be identical in shape and size so that the symmetry of the champagne tower can be maintained. There has to be a stable base for the champagne tower. You need to have a flat and level surface that is able to support the weight of multiple glasses filled with champagne. You can choose a sturdy platform or table for this. If you are renting d├ęcor, you can rent both the platform and the glasses to make this a lot easier. You can use a non-slip mat underneath or a cloth so that the base layer of glasses will not be subjected to any movement. You have to test whether the surface is stable before you start stacking glasses.

A solid foundation has to be created

And you can start this by arranging the glasses in a tight triangular or square formation. Each glass has to touch the neighbours and doing so will create a string base that is able to support the layers overhead. You need to double-check the alignment of the glasses and the stability of the structure before you add layers to it. You have to add one layer at a time so that each glass is centred over the gap created by glasses underneath it. This will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed and the tower is balanced. Patience and precision are important. You should take time without rushing this so that you can be absolutely sure that each layer is stable before you go to the next layer.

Sometimes the champagne tower can be quite high

And to ensure the accurate placement of the glasses, you can use a ladder to create the top layers. This way, you will not need to overreach. You can have an assistant to pass the glasses to you so that you can stack the glasses safely. It is also a good idea to have a test run practising building the tower and pouring the champagne. This way, you can identify potential issues and refine the techniques. Troubleshooting the issuesin advance will make for a perfect display at the wedding. The champagne has to be well chilled before it is poured. If the champagne is warm, it can causeexcessive foaming and spillage. This will destabilise the tower. You can have the bottles poured in an ice bucket until you are ready to pour.